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Blutick Interactive is a complete, one stop shop for the entire web development process. From domain name registration and initial designs through to web standards programming and going live, we can handle your complete web project, large or small.

Website Redesign

If your website design is over a couple of years old, then in web years, it's well past it. Not just because of new web design trends but also because of new web technologies you should be taking advantage of. And if that's not all, faster download speeds (thanks to widely available broadband connections) and increased monitor sizes also have a great effect on what can be done visually to your website.

Ask yourself

2 1 Is the user experience on my website moving visitors to act?
3 2 Do I hesitate or qualify the condition of my website when asked to show it?
Does my brand leave a lasting impression?
4 3 Would my customers wear a t-shirt with my logo?
4 3 How fast can people find what they came for on my website?
4 3 Is my website built to be search engine friendly?

Tough questions? Don’t like the answers?

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